Xbox 360, Xbox One & Xbox Series X

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Xbox 360’s are widely known to have a variety of issues with the most notable one being the dreaded “Red Ring of Death” or “RROD”. Xbox Ones have all sorts of new issues that we are prepared to solve for you also.

Vegas Repair is dedicated toward helping gamers get back into the action by offering a variety of repair services that will resolve the majority of issues that your console may have to include :

  • Red Ring of Death (1, 2, 3 or 4 Red Flashing Lights)
  • Open Tray DVD issues
  • No Video / Audio
  • Game Freezing
  • Unreadable Disc errors
  • E-series related errors such as E-74, E-73, etc.

There is also ‘NO’ up front service or diagnostic fee charges for us to diagnose and evaluate the condition of your particular console! All estimates are always free.

Contact us if you have any questions, no appointments are necessary.